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Normanhurst Mixed Probus Club offers a wide range of different activities.  The following is a brief overview of each of the activities and groups currently available to members.

Full details of each activity appear in the monthly newsletter which is sent to all members a week before each meeting, and information is also provided at the monthly meetings.

Monthly Calendar
WeekMondayTuesdayWednesday ThursdayFriday
1WATS (Walking & Talking Seniors)WATS,  Outings ¹Outings ¹ WATS,  Laundry Bags
2WATSSongsters,  CardsWATS,  Book Club,
General Meeting,  Theatre ²
3WATS, CraftGolfWATSTrivial PursuitsWATS,  Bowls,  Music
4WATSCardsWATS,  MoviesPlay ReadingWATS,  Wine & Cheese
¹    Outings Either Day (i.e. Wednesday or Thursday)
²Subject to Change - see details in the Newsletter
Activity details correct as of October 2017.  Any changes are shown in the Newsletter.

Members are required to complete a 'Payment and Receipt Slip' for each activity prior to the meeting, register at the Activity table and pay for the activity where applicable, either in cash, by cheque or online (N.B. online payments must be made by the Monday evening prior to the meeting).  A receipt will be issued.  Payment cannot be accepted after the meeting day.

Each activity will indicate the Refund Policy in place where appropriate.

Where payment is required for an activity (or to renew your membership for example), you can download a PDF payment form.  Click Here for a copy (opens in a new window).  This may be easier than trying to print off the payment form located at the end of your newsletter.

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Book Club

The Book Club meets at 10:30am on the morning of the General Meeting in the Meeting Room beside the hall at the Thornleigh Community Centre.  Currently we are using book sets supplied by Hornsby Library, and the cost is $4 per book per month.  Book Club also pays $24 each month to rent the meeting room for 2 hours.

The focus of our meeting is a discussion of the book.  We are usually supplied with a set of questions for the book.  Otherwise we have generic questions we can use for either fiction or non-fiction.  The questions often lead to discussions on a wide range of topics in relation to issues raised in the book.

You do not have to be a literary buff to belong to Book Club – just to enjoy reading a diverse selection of books and sharing your thoughts with others.


The Card Group (we also play other games sometimes) is a mixed band of cardsharps, magicians, optimists and charlatans who enjoy a social get together to play various card games.  Notwithstanding the aforementioned players' descriptions, we are a group of fun players who take the games played quite seriously while enjoying some amusement at the same time.

The choice of games played is essentially up to the players, and apart from any possible fixtures (!), the whims of the majority on the day, rule.  However, predominantly the games most favoured are 500 and Canasta, but it does not have to be so.  We even play Scrabble sometimes!  

Play is every second and fourth Tuesday of the month at the Pennant Hills Bowling Club, Pennant Hills, dealing off at 2.00 pm and finishing around 5.00 pm.   No cost is involved, although there might be an occasional whip round for some new decks of cards.

Classical Music

The Classical Music Group meets on the third Friday of the month, from 7pm – approx. 9.30pm. at the home of the Activity Leaders.  The initial format of about an hour of music, then supper, then another hour of music has proven to be popular. 

So if you like classical music or even have only a vague interest in it, come along and give it a try.  We are pretty relaxed about it all – no music snobs to be found! 

There is no cost involved.


Held on the 3rd Monday of the month.  For those who like craft and social interaction - here is your opportunity to gather with like-minded people.  So if you are interested in needle work, tapestry, hand sewing, embroidery, crochet and knitting please come along.  There might be some other crafts that aren't listed as yet.  No machines or painting apparatus.

Fine Food & Dining

Fine Food & Dining events are held on the second Thursday of every month (except in July when we have a Christmas-in-July lunch and in December, a Club Christmas luncheon).  They are normally held in the evening at 6.30pm, although lunch dining may be chosen from time to time - for example, to take advantage of a venue with water views.   For those who love good food, experiencing different cuisines and mingling with fellow members, this is the activity for you!  

The restaurant venues are wide and varied and are mostly located within a 5km radius of Thornleigh Community Centre.   The favourite cuisines amongst members include Modern Australian, French, Thai, Chinese, Asian fusion, Italian, Indian and Spanish.  The cost is usually $30-$35 a head, but once or twice a year we splash out and spend $50-$60 a head in order to enjoy a special venue.  In order to keep the cost to a minimum yet allow for a quality meal, a carefully chosen banquet is usually offered or alternatively a set menu with alternate servings. 

The cut-off date for refunds varies from venue to venue, and details will appear in the newsletter each month.


The Probus Golf Group plays once a month.  We usually play on courses in the Sydney area such as Asquith, Gordon, North Turramurra and North Ryde to name a few.  We cater for all levels of experience from the low handicappers to the no handicappers; however, players need to bring or hire their own equipment.  The cost to play varies from $20 to $30 per person for 18 holes. 

We play the game for fun, exercise and relaxation and all Probus club members are welcome.

Laundry Bag Group

The group makes Laundry Bags for military personnel serving overseas as per the Aussie Hero Quilts and Laundry Bags guidelines.  We are a friendly group who meet on the first Friday of each month, usually at the Settlers Green Clubhouse, Westleigh.  The activities are sorting and cutting fabrics, ironing, machine sewing and finishing, all done with lots of laughter and chit chat.

We meet from 10am to about 3pm and each bring a plate of something to share for lunch or morning tea.  Helpers always welcome.

Lawn Bowls

Lawn Bowls is a game of skill and can be enjoyed by people of all ages, including those with mild physical difficulties.  Bowls is not influenced by size or strength and provides participants with plenty of fresh air, light aerobic exercise and the opportunity to enjoy great fellowship and make new friends.  Levels of competition range from purely social games through to a variety of championship events – it’s your choice.

Our regular monthly events are held at Pennant Hills Bowling Club on the 3rd Friday morning (9.00am) of each month.  The cost to play is $10 and requirements are minimal - a hat and pair of flat shoes.  Bowls are available from the Club at no charge.

Movie Club

Date: Fourth Wednesday in each month.
Cost: Each attending member pays at the cinema box office.
Locations: This depends on the movies currently showing and starting times.  Usual locations are Roseville Cinema, Greater Union Hornsby or Hornsby Odeon.
Outing Details: Advice of outings is normally given on the Sunday before the outing, preferably by email or by telephone if email is not available.
Depending on movie times we often combine the outing with morning tea or a light lunch.


These take place usually on the first Thursday of the month, although occasionally occur on a different day depending on the requirements of a venue.

Travel is most often by public transport, or car pooling where more appropriate.   Venues have varied, with the aim of accommodating a range of interests, and have included such experiences as trips to Fort Denison, the Q Station, the Conservatorium of Sydney, the State Library, the Sydney Opera Centre, the Gallipoli Mosque, the Police and Justice Museum, Fairfax Printers and Cockatoo Island.

Costs are dictated by the venue, but are often minimal.  Lunch is usually an option either after or during the outing.  Refunds are usually available up to a week before the outing, depending on the policy of the venue.

Play Reading

This entails reading from scripts - not performing in front of anyone! The group meets on the 4th Thursday of the month, from 2pm to 4pm, with a different script each meeting.  We meet as a group and you will get a part to play from the script you are given.  As most plays only have a maximum of ten to twelve characters, the size of the group is limited.  If a place becomes available in the group, members will be advised.


Our group is purely for the fun of it.  We sing songs we all enjoy – you do not need to be an opera star to join.

In the latter part of the year we rehearse songs for Christmas for our performances at the Probus functions.  There is much chatter and laughter during these sessions.  We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at Sanctuary Gardens Community Room, Westleigh, generally from 10.30 until 12.30.  This sometimes alters for extra time to rehearse.

There is no cost for this activity but we do a morning tea roster, sharing it amongst the group.


The Theatre activity is on a Wednesday, either a matinee or evening performance and generally the 2nd Wednesday of the month.  However, depending upon scheduling from the theatre companies, performances can also be on a Thursday or even a Tuesday.

In the main we attend productions in the local area, i.e., Pavilion Theatre at Castle Hill, Pymble Players at Pymble, Chester Street Players at Epping, Glen Street Theatre at Belrose and Zenith Theatre at Chatswood.  However, we have also attended plays at the Riverside, Parramatta and the Ensemble Theatre at Kirribilli.  The majority of productions are plays, whether drama or comedy, but we have also enjoyed musicals.

Refunds are not available once the tickets have been purchased.

Tours & Major Events

Tours and Major Events afford like-minded members group travel to various destinations as determined by the Tour Leader and Tours Committee.  Since the Club's formation in 2009 we have enjoyed many coach trips within NSW and further interstate by rail and coach to areas of great interest in Victoria.  We cruised from Sydney to Melbourne in 2012 to take part in that year's Melbourne Cup festivities and members have also travelled overseas to destinations in South East Asia and the Balkans.  These tours have given us all the opportunity to get to know each other well and to make firm friendships. 

Combining with the Fine Dining Group, we travel out of Sydney on a day trip to celebrate Christmas in July each year and also assist with the organisation and running of our Annual Christmas Lunch at which we have a 90% member attendance. 

Our tour group has proven to be most successful and our Spring and Autumn tours are always eagerly anticipated.

Trivial Pursuits

Trivial pursuits activities are the third Thursday of the month.

There is a cap on the number of people (16) as the space is a bit small.  Two tables of eight.  Held at Pennant Hills Bowling Club commencing at 7pm.

Wine & Cheese

The Wine and Cheese Activity meets on the fourth Friday of the month from 6pm – 8pm, at the home of different members each month.  The format varies from month to month, with members bringing a bottle on some occasions, and on others wine being supplied.  Whilst the group is called “Wine and Cheese”, there are other delicacies on offer besides cheese! A theme is selected each month eg wine from a particular region.

At the end of the evening there is brief discussion about our responses to the wines, but the main objective is a fun social occasion.  The costs depend on whether wine is supplied on the night or not: $5 per head for bring-your-own evenings, and $15 when wine is supplied.  Members bring their own glasses and numbers are usually limited to a maximum of 40, depending on the venue.

Refunds are available up to a week before the event.


Walking And Talking Seniors (formerly 'GENTLE WALKERS').  This group meets on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 9:15am at Ruddock Park, Westleigh (near the undercover tables) for a gentle walk a few times around the oval.  The purpose is to enjoy one another's company while gaining some gentle exercise, followed by a coffee at a local venue.  No cost is involved, apart from the coffee after the exercise.

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